Where are they now?

Back in 2009, we were running our program in the Northern suburbs of Perth. Dan and Millie, two 4 year olds, were enrolled in our program at the time.

Dan was a shy little guy who’d grown up watching his older brother Josh enjoy the program. He was very nervous at the start and was hesitant about joining the group. With some support from Josh, we gradually encouraged Dan to participate and he very quickly found his feet. Although always quietly spoken and very polite, Dan’s confidence blossomed and he really excelled at each sport.

Millie on the other hand was super confident from the start and always had a smile on her face. She loved to socialise and really enjoyed the social aspect of our program. She was quick to help any children that hadn’t grasped a concept and loved to model the skill of the day to show the rest of the group ‘how it was done’.

Last week I thought I’d touch base with Dan and Millie’s Mums to see what path they’ve taken. Both children are now in their first year of high school.

Dan loved playing a range of sports throughout primary school and has really connected with hockey. Millie found a passion for Taekwon-do and at the age of 12 is already a black belt!

Dan and Millie are great examples of how children can enjoy a childhood engaged in a pursuit that they thoroughly enjoy. The friendships that they both are making right now in their chosen fields will last a lifetime. They’ve developed confidence, discipline and healthy habits that make physical activity a routine and highly enjoyable. Both are excelling in their sport but were willing to try different things at a younger age to find their passion.

We wish them well :)