New Ninja Dash Obstacle Course

Pumped Sport’s new Ninja Dash is an action packed 75 minute after school event that allow children to explore and conquer our inflatable ninja course. Do it at your own pace or challenge your friends. The course has been designed to be challenging yet inclusive for all ages from Kindy to Year 6, with obstacles varying from the slow balance focused Beams to the fast paced dodging Gauntlet Splash.

Cash or credit card payments can be made on the day.

$15 per child and $10 per toddler. Limited spots are available so be quick to register below.

Come Dominate the Dash!!!

Click here to register or find out more.

Term 3 Programs

This term we will be offering the following instructional programs:


Kindysport is an exciting multi-sport program that introduces your 2 to 5 year old child to a variety of sports in an encouraging environment. A fantastic range of age-appropriate games and equipment helps your child develop sports skills while building social skills, confidence and co-ordination. Programs are offered in Rockhampton and Gladstone. Click here for the Term 3 timetable and more information.

Champion’s League

This action packed program runs for 8 to 10 weeks and is heavily focused on variety, good sportsmanship and convenience for parents. Suitable for children from Kindy to Year 6, we have a program running on Saturday mornings at Hegvold Stadium and after school programs at the following schools in Rockhampton, Gracemere and Yeppoon:

Monday – St Peter’s
Tuesday – St Mary’s
Wednesday – Sacred Heart
Thursday – St Paul’s

Click here to register for a Champion’s League program and to find out more.

July Holiday Sessions

These holidays we are going to be running 2 different events to cater for different age groups.

Toddler Town

Each day we have a session for Toddlers from 15 months to 5 years old ($10) from 9 to 10.30am. Your child will enjoy supervised play with a range of interactive inflatables and soft play equipment. It’s a great meeting place for playgroups and is a fantastic opportunity for parents to interact with their children in a fun and safe environment. Suitable for children 5 and under. Cost is $10 per child. No bookings required. Cash payments can be made on the day. For session times please click here.

The Pumped Sport Games

The Pumped Sport Games is an action packed 90 minute event where 4 to 12 year old children compete in teams in 9 exciting challenges that range from modified versions of traditional sports like soccer to more Ninja flavoured obstacles. With lots of inflatables, colourful team jerseys and heaps of variety, children are sure to have a blast! Sessions are $15 per child and bookings are required. To see session times or to register please click here.


Sessions will be offered in Gladstone, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Rockhampton, Biloela, Emerald and Mackay.

The Top 10 Reasons Parents Do Kindysport

To help us improve our program we often ask parents the reason why they chose to enrol their child in Kindysport and how they think their child benefited from participating.

The top 10 reasons are:

  1. Be introduced to a variety of sports.
  2. Learn and develop sports skills
  3. Improve confidence, co-ordination and self-esteem.
  4. Get more exercise and develop a passion for being active.
  5. Have fun and build friendships.
  6. Feel relaxed and not pressured in a caring and supportive environment.
  7. Receive age appropriate instructions.
  8. Learn to interact with other children and improve social skills.
  9. Learn teamwork and develop good sportsmanship.
  10. Learn to listen to and follow instructions.

Making Fun Number One for Kids

Playing sport is a wonderful tool to teach children a number of important life skills like confidence, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Research has shown that the number one reason kids play sport is to have fun. It’s not surprising then, that the number one reason children quit playing sport is because they stop enjoying it.

By getting children excited, having fun and engaged with positive sporting experiences, children develop a love of physical activity and a lifelong interest in sport. Studies indicate the following specific and actionable behaviors that promote and foster fun:

  • Being a good sport – emphasize the different values that make up being a good sport like enthusiasm, fair play, determination, communication, humility, respect, unselfishness and co-operation. Celebrate and highlight when children demonstrate these values.
  • Positive coaching – as a coach, strive to create a safe and supportive environment where children receive a positive coaching experience that promotes inclusivity, good sportsmanship and fun. Regardless of what happens in the game or practise, refrain from using negative or derogatory language. Support and encourage all children to make this the best possible experience.
  • Game time support – As a parent, demonstrate positive sideline behaviour by refraining from using negative or derogatory language aimed at the Officials, the Coaches, your child or other players. Support and encourage your child.
  • Inclusion – don’t get white line fever and bench the weaker players when things get close. All children should play equal time.
  • Team friendships – a strong focus on good sportsmanship and feeling valued and connected helps your child develop strong friendships with their teammates.

The bottom line is keep it fun and children will want to play!

Teaching Kids About Good Sportsmanship!

Children from a young age need to understand the importance of maintaining the fundamental values of good sportsmanship. Having good sportsmanship skills are vital to nurturing long term friendships and becoming a respectable person. Each week with our Champion’s League program we focus on one of the following 8 values that make up good sportsmanship and reward children that demonstrate those values:

  1. Enthusiasm
  2. Communication
  3. Fair Play
  4. Determination
  5. Humility
  6. Respect
  7. Unselfishness
  8. Co-operation

Ways To Teach Your Child Good Sportsmanship

  • Be a great role model – Show your child good behaviour when you’re losing and winning. Children mimic role models, whether that be Billy Slater playing Origin or Mum and Dad playing in the local touch footy competition. Don’t carry on like a goose in your game and expect your child to behave differently.
  • Call out bad role models – if you’re watching a game and see a professional athlete behaving poorly, let your child know that what they are doing is not cool. Try and reference another elite athlete that would have behaved differently in that situation.
  • Be disciplined – Don’t let poor sportsmanship become the norm and a habit. Call it out early and give children consequences for poor sportsman like behaviour.
  • Create a positive environment – it’s important that both the coaches and parent’s maintain a positive environment that promotes good sportsmanship over winning (parents MUST behave on the sidelines!)
  • Celebrate and reward good sportsmanship – make a point to highlight any specific examples where your child demonstrated good sportsmanship and celebrate it.

By teaching our kids good sportsmanship skills from a young age we can go a long way to keeping children from dropping out of sport because it’s no longer fun.

Term 2 Kindysport & Champion’s League

Hopefully you had a great Easter and are enjoying some family time over the break!

Our Term 2 programs kick off in the week starting April 16th and we have a massive term planned.

Kindysport (Multi-sport for 2.5 to 5 year olds)

Kindysport is an exciting multi-sport program that introduces your child to a variety of sports in an encouraging environment. A fantastic range of age-appropriate games and equipment helps your child develop sports skills while building social skills, confidence and co-ordination. This term we will learn 10 different sports which will culminate in a Kindylympics event at the last lesson with an exciting medal ceremony to reward all the hard work put in by our little athletes. Click here for more info or to register for a free trial. For our term 1 families that are re-enrolling, we have automatically saved your spot so there is no need to do anything before the first lesson. We will have making payment info at the first lesson. This term is 10 weeks – $135.

Term 2 Kindysport Timetable

Champion’s League (Multi-sport for 4 to 9 year olds)

Champion’s League is the next step after Kindysport for children who still love the variety of playing different sports. Each week we focus on a particular sport and get more into game play and tactics and place a lot of focus on developing good sportsmanship skills. Each week we introduce a different sportsmanship value and medals are awarded at the end of the lesson for children who best demonstrate that value.

In addition to our 10 week Saturday morning program at Hegvold Stadium that commences 21st April, we will also be commencing 8 week programs in the following Rockhampton schools which will commence in week 2 of the school term. Click here for more info or to register. For our term 1 families that are re-enrolling, we have automatically saved your spot so there is no need to do anything before the first lesson.

Term 2 Champion’s League Timetable

Looking forward to heaps of fun!

The Kindysport team

Easter Holiday Pumped Sport Sessions

Over these Easter holidays we will be doing a big trip with our Pumped Sport inflatables and offering lots of holiday fun for children in the following locations:

  • Tannum Sands
  • Hervey Bay
  • Bundaberg
  • Rockhampton
  • Emerald
  • Clermont
  • Middlemount
  • Blackwater
  • Emerald

Our Pumped Sports sessions are a great opportunity for children to burn off all those Easter eggs in a massive inflatable playground. Bookings aren’t required so get your friends together and just turn up on the day. Cash payments can be made at the session.

For a timetable with session times and venue locations, please click here

We hope to see you soon :)

Wayne and the Pumped Sport team

Where are they now?

Back in 2009, we were running our program in the Northern suburbs of Perth. Dan and Millie, two 4 year olds, were enrolled in our program at the time.

Dan was a shy little guy who’d grown up watching his older brother Josh enjoy the program. He was very nervous at the start and was hesitant about joining the group. With some support from Josh, we gradually encouraged Dan to participate and he very quickly found his feet. Although always quietly spoken and very polite, Dan’s confidence blossomed and he really excelled at each sport.

Millie on the other hand was super confident from the start and always had a smile on her face. She loved to socialise and really enjoyed the social aspect of our program. She was quick to help any children that hadn’t grasped a concept and loved to model the skill of the day to show the rest of the group ‘how it was done’.

Last week I thought I’d touch base with Dan and Millie’s Mums to see what path they’ve taken. Both children are now in their first year of high school.

Dan loved playing a range of sports throughout primary school and has really connected with hockey. Millie found a passion for Taekwon-do and at the age of 12 is already a black belt!

Dan and Millie are great examples of how children can enjoy a childhood engaged in a pursuit that they thoroughly enjoy. The friendships that they both are making right now in their chosen fields will last a lifetime. They’ve developed confidence, discipline and healthy habits that make physical activity a routine and highly enjoyable. Both are excelling in their sport but were willing to try different things at a younger age to find their passion.

We wish them well :)

Benefits of Kindysport


Kindysport is a great way to introduce your child to sport and exercise.

Our structured multi-sport program has been specifically designed to introduce 3 – 6 year children to 12 different sports using age appropriate sports equipment and games. Our focus is providing a fun, safe, inclusive program that enable children to develop the necessary skills to enjoy being active. We provide a caring and supportive environment that recognises each child’s different stages of physical, social and emotional development.

Our goal is for your child to:

  • Develop a variety of sports and gross motor skills while discovering sporting interests.
  • Develop a positive attitude to being active by nurturing confidence and self-esteem.
  • Understand the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork while developing social skills