Pumped Sport offer sports based events that excite and engage children.  We use a range of interactive sporting inflatables, soft play equipment and innovative games that help children develop the skills and confidence to enjoy physical activity and playing sport.

“Thanks for a great event – so well set up and organised with friendly coaches. As a PE Teacher myself it’s great to see a program that is not only fun but also focussed on helping children develop fundamental movement skills. Awesome holiday fun.”

Lorrie-Ann C

Our events are built around a customer experience that focuses on:

  1. Making Fun number one for kids – our main focus is that children enjoy the game.
  2. Skill Development – we help your child develop a full range of Fundamental Movement Skills through games play.
  3. Variety – children are introduced to a number of different modified sports games that are age appropriate.
  4. Inclusion – We structure games to ensure all children are actively participating and given equal opportunity to contribute to each game, regardless of skill level.
  5. Convenience – for parents, such as events held on school grounds after school and siblings being able to participate together.

New Ninja Dash Obstacle Course

Pumped Sport’s new Ninja Dash is an action packed 75 minute…

Term 3 Programs

This term we will be offering the following instructional…
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