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What is Kindysport?

Kindysport is a fresh way to introduce children to sports and exercise. We bring a safe, age appropriate version of a different sport each week.

Tried and proven in centres around the country, Kindysport adds a structured sports and exercise program to your schedule, building motor skills, hand-eye corrdination and body balance.

Coaches are fully trained with relevant working with children certification. They love working with children and it shows. Best of all, children look forward to Kindysport and parents notice the positive impact it has on their child.


  • Age appropriate games and skills development.
  • Classes held in your centre.
  • We provide all of the equipment.
  • You choose the number of sessions in a program.
  • 1 session is 2 x 30 minute classes. Each child attends one 30 minute class.
  • Cost for a 1 hour session is $100 plus GST.
    Eg. For a class of 20 children, we would take 2 groups of 10 children for 30 minutes each, resulting in a cost of $5/child/class.


Children who participate in Kindysport:

  • Become more open to trying sports.
  • Become less intimidated by physical activity.
  • Gain confidence and self esteem.
  • Develop a positive attitude to being active.
  • Learn a variety of sports skills.
  • Improve motor skills, coordination and body balance.