Pumped Sport’s fundraising event’s are easy, profitable and a great way to host a memorable event that gets children and adults active and brings your community together.

We do this by:

• Utilising a proven online platform to make fundraising easy.
• Providing one on one support throughout the entire process.
• Offering awesome incentive prizes that get children excited and raising more.
• Running an event that will amaze your families and create a memorable experience.

About our fundraisers
We receive lots of feedback from Principals, Teachers and Parents asking if we’re able to run our events to help with school fundraising. Over the last year we’ve done a heap of research into fundraising best practices.

The Ninja Dash
What we’ve come up with is a school fundraising program that gives schools a proven way to fundraise that culminates in a Ninja Dash event that promotes getting active and brings your community together. What stands us apart is that we run the event day for you!

Our fully trained staff will come out to your school with all the equipment needed. We set up our Ninja Dash circuit and run sessions for your students to suit your schedule. Each session will consist of mostly free play, allowing students to explore the course at their own pace or challenge friends. Our staff will also utilise challenges and group games to make sure everyone is getting the most out of the day.